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Get your Platinum PRIME Scrapper Card today because membership has its privileges:

  • 4 EXCLUSIVE kits shipped to you when you join!
  • 10% off Product Purchases online and in person!
  • Exclusive promotions and special offers
  • Your PLATINUM PRIME has the added benefit of 1 year of FREE SHIPPING on ALL online orders!

Platinum PRIME Card

  • Q. When will I get my Platinum PRIME Card and membership number?

    A. We will ship your card and your exclusive kits to you in the next several days. We will email your membership number and instructions for shopping with your discount!

    Q. My Platinum PRIME Card expires soon. How do I renew my membership?

    A. Simply renew your membership here on the website when your card expires...enter your current membership number in the "add a note" box on the checkout screen so we know to renew your card and your discount...and send your new kits!

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