Our Story

Keller's Creations

Me and Keller. Just the two of us. Almost from the beginning. Yes, I was married. That ended when Keller was just weeks old. What was so hard then has been such a blessing in the years since.


We have such a close relationship; sometimes too close. We do everything together...concerts, beach trips, football games, NASCAR races...wherever we can find fun.


As you get to know us and our company, you’ll realize that all of it is so incredibly personal to me. The saying, “It’s just business,” does not apply. I named my company after my one and only. How much more personal can it get than that? And, now that Keller is becoming more and more involved in our business, it gets more personal every day.


Keller is 22 now and Keller’s Creations is 16! Get to know us. Scrap with us. Come on this amazing journey with us.