Have tons of photos and want to scrap them without spending a ton of time and money? Want a full proof plan to make that happen? If so, this class is for you!! Join us in this class to leave the stress behind, learn how to save time and money, and actually get your photos on pages to share with those you love!  You’ll love our 10 minute process to do 20 pages in an hour. And, with our brand new Snapshots Signature Collection, this just might be the perfect Class! This collection will challenge you to see and tell the stories of your life with snapshots and words. (Class kits includes entire paper collection & supplies & photos of projects for 20 12x12 pages).



Please note: This class is not the same class as our "Storylines" Power Hour. They will be similar but not the same class. Projects and certain technique aspects will vary. We have so much info to share, that there is no way to put it all in one hour!



Power Hour: A Snapshot of Life

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  • July 24-25, 2020 

    (Power Hour Class originally taught for CKC Lancaster 2020)

    Watch the class here: Keller's Creations  Keller's Creations YouTube

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