SAVE $10 with purchase of this "All 9 Companion Pass" is for the 2021 Lancaster SISS Virtual Event! ($129 if purchased separately, $217 value!)



If you purchased these 9 classes for SISS Lancaster,  you can purchase the companion pack for each...That's classes #1-8 and Class 11. 

(Class 8 & 9 do not have companions.)


These will ship with your SISS Thomasville boxes!


And you get FREE Shipping when you choose LANCASTER EVENT SHIPPING on the shipping menu at checkout. (It's a drop-down menu. You must select this option for free shipping.)


All 9 Companion Pass—Lancaster Virtual SISS

$129.00 Regular Price
$119.00Sale Price
  • All 9 Companion Passes only available if you purchased a VIP Pass AND the 9 classes listed.)

    (Individual class companions may be purchased separately to go with the classes you have purchased.)







  • No other coupons or discounts may apply to this item (including Platinum or Prime discounts) since it is a "class pass".

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